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Laboratory Services


    For your convenience, we offer quick access to a specialized LabCorp unit on premises, which is available for practice patients only. The lab is staffed by experienced personnel who will make your experience as pleasant as possible. The on-site laboratory services allow us to ensure accurate communication between physicians and lab technicians for the benefit of our patients. Please check with your health plan to see if they accept LabCorp.

    X-Ray and Bone Density Services

      Our attempt is to make our office a “one stop shop” where you can get your x-rays and DXA Bone Density scans right in our office. No need to wait for an additional appointment just for x-rays, we can usually fit you the same day! Plus our facility is equipped with a modern Hologic Discovery DXA system that provides fast, painless, and accurate scans to measure bone density.

      Infusion Center

        Our infusion center is staffed with highly experienced nurses who work alongside your doctor to provide you with quality infusion services.  The center is equipped with amenities to ensure the comfort and utmost safety of patients undergoing infusion treatments.